Thursday, 15 October 2015

Growing Up

Some women wear pearls and sensible shoes to work...
others wear dogtags and combats. And I'm one of them.
In case you find that hard to believe, these are my boots;

I love what I do. Most of the time ;)

I love the military discipline. I love the crazy people I get to meet and work with, and I love the absurd, crazy, once-in-a-lifetime moments and adventures we get to experience.
I've felt what a Hawk MK120 jet engine does at your back, at 100% power.
I've  slept under a bus, and on a frigate (yeah, you haven't lived untill you've done both).
You get the idea :)

But what I do not love is when the military decides to transfer me half way (rather, more than halfway) across the country.
So now this big city girl from Johannesburg, Gauteng must learn to survive in the small town of Bredasdorp, Western Cape.
The struggle is real.

To be honest, I'm also used to having my parents near. (Am I a mommy's girl? I've realized that maybe I am.)
Something serious happens; my car is giving me headaches, cash-flow is not what it should be (understatement!), and other "grown-up" problems seem to be waiting around every corner.
So I look for an adult to help.
Only to realise that I am, in fact, an adult. (The Horror!)

After hyperventilating for a second, I have come to a conclusion.
The logical next step is, to start looking for an adult who is more succesful at adulting than I am.

"aren't you an adult?"
"yes, i'm an adult, but, like... an adult cat.
someone should probably take care of me, but i can sort of make it on my own."

Growing up is hard people.
I think I understand now why Peter Pan did not want to grow up. 
Responsibilities to confront.
Expectations to live up to.
Big descisions to make. 

It's an awfully big adventure, isn't it?
And I like adventures. Isn't that why I decided to do what I do in the first place?
It was my choice to have an adventure story.

Maybe growing up is just, saying Yes to new adventures?

So I'll do it. I'll say Yes.
But I still want to believe in fairies, and play in rain puddles, and love rabbits, and Laugh (alot).

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